Sunday, March 21, 2010

Kuala Lumpur, a different perspective

Since my last post about my hosting city I got to know a few other places and a different perspective of the city life which I think is important to add.

Besides the big Chinese community there is also an Indian community which is concentrated in a place called “Little India”. So there I went to discover this other part of the city and I must say that I was really surprised to find so many Indian shops and restaurants as if I was back in India (maybe a bit more organized here, but just a bit more heheh).

After a few weeks here it’s noticeable that besides the huge amount of trees and grass in the roads sides, there are not so many parks and nature related infrastructures in KL. So Iga (Polish) and I the other day went walking in the hope to find the Lake Gardens of KL mentioned in touristic guides.

Once we got to the nearest location was very hard to discover how to get there as all locals would inform us that “It’s very very far” and that “You need to take a bus or a cab”. Not satisfied we went look for it on our own. And guess what? It was very near and there were even signs indicating the way :)

In the way we stopped to visit the National Museum and even with the heat, we manage to walk around the beautiful and delightful park (which was empty).

Back into the "normal" city we found the Independence square, Merdeka Square (for all Portuguese, please read it out loud ahahah) with Moorish architecture influence.

Then concerning nightlife, another important component of any city! Being Malaysia a Muslim country it doesn’t mean that there is no night life and parties. So, few weeks ago I went to a fancy and nice club for a birthday party. Of course the drinks here very expensive but the place was very nice, very opened and I had fun with my friends.

Also, I went with some other interns to a Brazilian party (and I’ve spend the entire night speaking in Portuguese) in a club, which was great! To hear such familiar music is really a comforting feeling when being so far from home.

Last, but not least, I also had the chance to attend a pool party! In KL condominiums are very common and basically all of them have pools. So a pool party I guess is also part of KL lifestyle. And with this heat, even at night, having a swim is perfectly normal!

All in all, I guess KL has a lot to discover and a lot to offer. But of course, it's crucial to be open-minded in any case :)
As for me, there is only one more month left to continue discovering it! But I'm sure I will make the best use of it ;)

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